Sussex Health Care is an independent group of care homes based mainly in Sussex. Focused chiefly on care for older people including people who are mentally frail with dementia or Alzheimer's Disease and on specialist care for adults with physical or learning difficulties, including people with neurological disabilities.
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private patient information
Private Patient Information

Sussex Health Care Audiology is a small team of dedicated Hearing Aid Audiologists and support staff. Although we are based in the South East, we welcome customers from anywhere in the UK.

We offer expert guidance and solutions by using all the latest digital hearing aids and hearing technology plus an aftercare service that truly sets us apart – delivering life-changing results for our clients. We pride ourselves on providing a reassuring service with clarity about our processes and openness about our charges. We are governed by independent and company policies to ensure we meet the strictest of standards in healthcare delivery, patient confidentiality and management processes.

Making the right choice

We offer a choice of highly sophisticated and technologically advanced hearing aids suited to your type of hearing loss and lifestyle – with the aim of helping you to achieve as close to a natural hearing experience as possible. Advances in design have resulted in smaller and lighter hearing aids, with models that can fit completely inside or on top of your ear, making them comfortable and inconspicuous. To make communication easier, we have hearing aids with Bluetooth connectivity that enable you to connect to various devices, such as a mobile phone, at the touch of a button. Following a comprehensive hearing assessment our Audiologist will guide you through all the options to ensure that you make the right choice.

Starting life with your new hearing aid

Once you have made the choice of hearing aid to suit you and your requirements we will arrange an appointment for fitting and instruction for use. This meeting can be done either at one of our clinics or in the comfort of your own home. Our experienced Hearing Aid Dispenser will adjust your device for appropriate levels of loudness and tonal quality to match your hearing loss and teach you how to insert, use and care for the device. You will also be given advice and support in adjusting to your new life with improved hearing and an aftercare plan to ensure you gain maximum benefits.

What are the costs?

Given that we specialise in highly advanced hearing instruments that are the forefront of technological developments, it may be surprising that costs start from as low as £700 per aid, which includes the first two years’ consultation charges (there is a nominal consultation fee for each visit thereafter). The batteries and consumables for the first five years are also supplied free of charge.

Your peace of mind

We give a 24 month warranty on every hearing device we supply. Full details of the guarantee will be provided by the Audiologist when you have made a selection.

Assistive listening devices and additional services

We also offer a wide range of assistive listening devices which work with your hearing aids to cope with everyday life such as special telephones, a personal loop system, and infra-red or tinnitus maskers. Other services we offer include:

  • assistance to install the device to ensure they work to your expectation
  • customized ear protection devices for people who work in noisy situations
  • customized swimming plugs to prevent water entering the ear canal

Battery Request

We aim to provide high quality hearing care that is safe, accountable and effective with excellent patient experience.

SHC Audiology works in 
partnership with the NHS

Call us on: 0800 622 6282

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Accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Services (UKAS) to IQIPS standards

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See what our patients say about our services:

Patient 1:
Well pleased with the outcome of getting use to the deaf aids and many thanks for what you have done for me.

Patient 2:
Sharmilla Reddy was most helpful, friendly and couldn’t have been better – thank you!

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